Opening up Your Psychic Abilities

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Each one of us is born with inherent psychic abilities that may have manifested when we were very young. We’ve all known or heard of young children talking to their invisible “friends” or perhaps you were one of those people who could see or hear them.

As we grow up, we get conditioned by the world around us and many lose those psychic abilities to some extent but we never lose all our abilities. We all have intuition: a “sixth sense” or a “gut feeling” about things. Knowing who the caller was before answering the phone, thinking about someone only to hear from them a short while later, sensing danger etc. The Opening up Psychic Abilities subliminal helps you raise your vibration so that you can access those hidden abilities again and tap into those resources more consciously.


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The affirmations are created using Whole Brain techniques to address all quadrants of the brain and learning/retention styles for optimal results and change.

For best results, use daily, as often as you can, or for a minimum of 20 minutes and for at least 21 consecutive days. It is very helpful to state your intention for success before you start listening, for example, you might mentally say to yourself “I now allow my natural psychic abilities to manifest” or something that feels good for you. It is wise to also ask for spiritual guidance and protection at the same time.

The nature tracks are ideal to play as you go about your daily activities. You may have the recording playing as you go to sleep – your subconscious mind will still hear all the affirmations.

Celebrating your highest potential and success!



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