Feeling Energetic!

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Do you have goals or unfinished tasks but lack the energy or will to follow up on them? Take heart – you’re not alone! With continued use, the IlluminEssence Feeling Energetic! subliminal recording can help you reach your goals by changing your subconscious patterns of avoidance or procrastination. The affirmations first focus your subconscious mind to become more energetic and enthusiastic; your conscious mind will follow suit, making it progressively easier to finish tasks and reach your goals.

Each IlluminEssence subliminal hypnotherapy album contains holistic and only positive affirmations set to four separate background tracks: soothing ocean waves, relaxing sounds of a tropical rain forest, rain and thunderstorms and a calming instrumental melody with ocean waves. Separate tracks allows you to choose whichever track best suits you in the moment!

Free bonus instrumental track included!

The affirmations are created using Whole Brain techniques to address all quadrants of the brain and learning/retention styles for optimal results and change.

For best results, use daily, as often as you can, or for a minimum of 20 minutes and for at least 21 consecutive days. It is very helpful to state your intention for success before you start listening, for example, you might say to yourself “I am now open to new and exciting ways to approach my goals”.

The nature tracks are ideal to play as you go about your daily activities. You may have the recording playing as you go to sleep – your subconscious mind will still hear all the affirmations.

Listen to a sample here …


Celebrating your highest potential and success!



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