Miniature Zen Gardens

Miniature Japanese gardens bring an authentic Japanese/Oriental feel of peace and tranquility into your home. They are great aids for meditation, relaxation, to help unleash inner creativity, helping to break through subconscious blocks such as Writer’s Block and can be a fun character/brain-quadrant analysis tool. Also great to have in medical, corporate or business reception areas!

In a Japanese garden, all elements (air, water, earth, etc) are used with great purpose and position to create the illusion of space and mystery. Shapes and textures are important, as are colours and size. The two main types of Japanese gardens are sansui (a garden where water is present) and karesansui (dry river bed-type garden).

In Chinese feng shui tradition, a Zen garden represents the flow of energy and is used in areas of the home where movement and flow are needed to correct or enhance an energy imbalance. Some estate agents (realtors) use Japanese gardens in specific places in homes they want to sell quickly.

Each IlluminEssence Japanese garden is crafted and painted by hand, including the miniature rakes. The fine-grained sand is specially chosen for its ability to accept and hold the raked patterns. The little rocks are chosen to give as much variety in shapes as possible.

Each Japanese garden is supplied with the wooden box, miniature rake, sand, stones and an information scroll, plus marble chips, black sand and tealight candles as indicated for specific styles. Other accessories shown are NOT included although some may be ordered separately.

Japanese gardens make great gifts for artists, creative people, lovers of Asian decor, gardeners and anyone looking for an unusual but useful home decor item. Wholesale and corporate orders are welcome too! Retail prices from $22.90 (excl P&P).

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