We are living in unprecedented times, being challenged on so many levels and having to evaluate everything from personal viewpoints to global events. Many people are responding out of fear and many are joyfully seeing these events as the heralding of the long-awaited New Age of Aquarius/New Earth.

Our every thought and emotion is constantly influencing the universal web of light which connects all consciousness. Each of us has a critical part to play in the final outcome. No one person is more powerful or influential than another.

YOU are a magnificent light being, and you are needed right now to focus your inner light. Like a lighthouse, you show the way for others.

The greatest gift you can give yourself at this time is Self-Love and Gratitude! For the unspeakable magnificence of your inner Being, for the opportunity to experience another day, for the majesty and incredible diversity of life … for absolutely everything that brings you JOY!

IlluminEssence / Aquarian Ascension is committed to supporting you as you strive to reach your highest potential. We salute your Love and Light with awe and gratitude!

Celebrating Your Highest Potential! Much Love, Light and Peace to you all! Namaste!