We are living in unprecedented times, being challenged on so many levels and having to evaluate and reinvent businesses in many creative ways. Every human being has been pushed to the utmost limits while attempting to maintain balance and explore new avenues and options.

Thankfully, many of my customers, suppliers, business associates, friends and family have made it through relatively unscathed. For this I am deeply grateful! Supplies have been hampered and slowed down by Covid-19 but we are slowly getting back to normal levels.

Restrictions are easing and we can look forward the the coming holiday season with renewed enthusiasm! Hotels, guest houses and BnB’s are in full preparation for the coming crowds. So why not treat yourself to a few necklace scarves to give a fresh new look to your existing wardrobe? Necklace scarves are a superb way to jazz up a few plain blouses or tshirts, giving you a fashionable, unique new look every day. And they are so lightweight and take up very little space in your luggage.

Everyone loves custom designed gifts and products, so I’m very pleased to announce that new ranges of custom clothing and homeware products will be available shortly – please keep an eye on the SHOP pages for the new categories and options. I’m excited to announce that our miniature Japanese (Zen) gardens are back in stock and better than ever. We also offer company branding on the Zen gardens which is great for shops, garden centres and studios.

We also offer custom-design mugs, T-shirts, pillow cases etc so please bear this in mind if you have special photos or significant quotations, images etc that you’d like to display in your home. Please use the contact form to get in touch with your queries or orders.

I have added an unrelated category of IlluminEssence Subliminal hypnosis recordings – these were created way back in the 1990’s and were designed to address a variety of common problems in a gentle, non-invasive manner. Hypnosis has been proven many times over to have more rapid, more positive and longer-lasting impact than conventional methods. The nature tracks are ideal for playing in the background on constant loop while you go about your daily work. These were initially offered to clients as part of my hypnosis and past life regression therapy sessions but I’m offering them here for anyone who might be interested!

IlluminEssence is still committed to providing you with our renowned outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Although this website is still in construction and constant updates, I hope you find it a delight to browse through as you search for your perfect scarf and pendant combination, either for yourself or a friend. We now offer secure payment options through PayPal and improved shipping rates and delivery times. As always, if you have queries, you are welcome to contact me via the Contact form and I will respond at the earliest opportunity.

I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves at this time is kindness, self-love, gentleness and GRATITUDE! In a world that has turned upside down and inside out, if we can be anything at all to our fellow humans, animals and nature … be KIND

Celebrating Your Highest Potential! Much Love, Light and Peace to you all! Namaste!