The combined home of IlluminEssence Healing and Psychic Network 2000.

Here you can browse through my oracle and tarot reading options, vibrational healing and hypnosis offerings and miniature Zen gardens for home and office.

The updated IlluminEssence Subliminal hypnosis recordings were created way back in the 1990’s and were designed to address a variety of common problems in a gentle, non-invasive manner. Hypnosis has been proven many times over to have more rapid, more positive and longer-lasting impact than conventional methods. The nature tracks are ideal for playing in the background on constant loop while you go about your daily work. These are provided to clients as part of my hypnosis and past life regression therapy sessions but I’m offering them here for anyone who might be interested!

Oracle and tarot readings, dream interpretations, Attracting Your Soulmate course, spiritual or life coaching sessions are now also available on a super convenient pay-per-minute basis on This is a secure, safe platform for audio calls or chats and you set the length of time you want. Registration is completely free, quick and safe. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

As always, if you have queries, you are welcome to contact me via the Contact form and I will respond at the earliest opportunity.

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